Presentation & Goals

The purpose of the project LOOP4PACK is to contribute to the development of a French sustainable valorization chain of agro-industrial residues leading to microbial engineered polymers (PHAs) for flexible packaging for food applications, by relying on an economic fabric represented by 1 large company (McCain) and 1 competitiveness cluster (Euramaterials). The project will focus on the main scientific and technological issues that limit the use of by-products or residues to produce PHAs of interesting properties formulated for commercial applications : 

  • LOOP4PACK aims at extending and controlling PHAs functionalities.
  • LOOP4PACK aims at reducing PHAs-based material cost and environmental impacts.

The LOOP4PACK research will be conducted by the consortium partners (players from diverse and complementary backgrounds all along the value chain): two laboratories (IATE & TBI), a technology resource center (CRITT-Bio-Industry), a large company (McCain) and a competitiveness cluster (Euramaterials).